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Virtues Project

The language of virtues is a very important key to helping children understand their inner gifts and capacities, and in learning to appreciate the virtues in themselves, their families and in each other.   A Virtues Calendar is developed by staff at the beginning of the year, with the "Virtue of the Week" (see calendar below) presented at the school Virtues Assembly every Friday afternoon by each class on a rotating basis. 

Every classroom develops its own rules at the beginning of the year, and selects class virtues to work on.  Students are encouraged to acknowledge the virtues in each other.   All staff members (teachers, administrators, assistants, etc.) give Virtues Vouchers to students, each other, parents and visitors.  A Virtues Voucher is a special honoring of a person who has helped in some way, and who has practiced a particular virtue that the person giving the voucher wishes to acknowledge.  It includes the particular virtues seen, and how it was practiced. 

Using this language, and acknowledging the virtues in a very specific way, serves to teach our students about the positive things they do.  Most children, especially challenging children, hear in great detail what they do wrong, but never in the same detail what they do ”right”.  Children's Success Academy turns this process around.  Our energy is spent recognizing positive actions, not the negative actions. 


Students ARE held accountable for their actions, and negative incidents must be corrected and “restorative justice” must occur.  After that, students go back to class and continue with their learning and practicing of positive actions.


Tentative Weekly Virtues  Calendar 2009-2010






Keys:    Week Nos.                Dates                  Virtues               Presenters





Week Date Virtue Presenters   Week Date Virtue Presenters
1 Aug 17 Joyfulness Teachers   20 Jan 11 Idealism 5th Grade
2 Aug 24 Kindness 5th Grade   21 Jan 18 Assertiveness 4th Grade
3 Aug 31 Orderliness 4th Grade   22 Jan 25 Tolerance 3rd Grade
4 Sept 7 Understanding 3rd Grade   23 Feb 1 Justice 2nd Grade
5 Sept 14 Perseverance 2nd Grade   24 Feb 8 Purposefulness 1st Grade
6 Sept 21 Creativity 1st Grade   25 Feb 15 Self-discipline Kindergarten
7 Sept 28 Forgiveness Kindergarten   26 Feb 22 Trust 5th Grade
8 Oct 5 Commitment 5th Grade   27 Mar 1 Friendliness 4th Grade
9 Oct 12 Diligence 4th Grade   28 Mar 8 Detachment 3rd Grade
10 Oct 19 Courage 3rd Grade   29 Mar 15 Integrity 2nd Grade
11 Oct 26 Enthusiasm 2nd Grade   30 Mar 22 Honesty 1st Grade
12 Nov 2 Honor 1st Grade   31 Apr 5 Respect Kindergarten
13 Nov 9 Excellence Kindergarten   32 Apr 12 Helpfulness 5th Grade
14 Nov 16 Modesty 5th Grade   33 Apr 19 Humility 4th Grade
15 Nov 23 Moderation 4th Grade   34 Apr 26 Service 3rd Grade
16 Nov 30 Confidence 3rd Grade   35 May 3 Reliability 2nd Grade
17 Dec 7 Trustworthiness 2nd Grade   36 May 10 Consideration 1st Grade
18 Dec 14 Loyalty 1st Grade   37 May 17 Unity Kindergarten
19 Jan 4 Cooperation Kindergarten   38 May 24 Thankfulness Staff
Here are some of the activities at Children's Success Academy
This is the Kindergarten presenting the Virtue Joyfulness at the Friday Virtues Assembly   This is the Unity Dance presented by the staff during the first Virtues Assembly
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