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Nurtured Heart Approach


1. Introduction

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a positive behavior modification program used at Children's Success Academy to teach all students (and their parents) how to put all their energies into positive, creative and productive actions, with little to no energy into negative actions.  It provides the structural framework, along with the Virtues Project, within which academic progress can be made by all students.

1I. Basic Program 

The Nurtured Heart Approach was developed and used at Tucson’s Center for the Difficult Child (from 1994 to 2000).  It was designed as a family systems approach to turn challenging children around to a new pattern of success.  The approach also results in helping average children to flourish at higher-than-expected levels of functioning.  

Credit systems are used in the classroom to provide reinforcement of positive behaviors, including use of the various virtues.  Credits can be spent by students to do service (for example, to help in the office, to read to students in a lower grade class), or for free reading time, and sometimes to spend in the class “store”.  Simple "time outs" are taken by students when the basic rules are broken.  During a time out, and until restorative justice is performed (if necessary), credits are "frozen".  However, students can continue to earn credits while performing restorative justice services.

Major emphasis is placed on describing in great detail what the student is doing "right".  Virtues are acknowledged, described and rewarded with credits as they happen.  For example, a student who shares supplies with another student is acknowledged - in great detail - for showing cooperation and generosity.  Students quickly learn to do this with each other. 

1II. Further Information

The book used in our staff training in positive behavior modification, and by many of our parents at home, is Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach For more information about this book and the author, Mr. Howard Glasser, please go to his website:  www.difficultchild.com.

To lean about the use of the Nurtured Heart Approach by a group in Texas, please visit their site at: http://www.nurturedheartkids.com/  or see the information below:


Nurtured Heart Kids, PLLC.
P.O. Box 248
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580-0248
Phone: 281-728-7181
: nurturedheartkids@yahoo.com  




The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA),

Created by

 Howard Glhttp://www.nurturedheartkids.com/asser, MA and

Jennifer Easley, M.A.

Is "a powerful approach that consistently produces extraordinary results with ADHD and other challenging behaviors...an approach that helps all children

to flourish in

remarkable ways."

(Howard Glasser, MA)

Do you have a child or teen you want to help? 

Perhaps you've already tried lots of ways of helping them but they are
still struggling with ADHD?
Poor Conduct?
Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
School Problems?

Perhaps he/she is in the judicial system?
You're seeking alternatives to medication?

There's great news!

My name is Erin (Nicolai) Whitney, and I am excited to share with you a wonderful, easy to learn, positive approach

that has the power to completely transform most children's behavior almost immediately.

It is my pleasure to help others learn this approach that has been nothing less than miraculous with my own intense child!

I am a Professional Counselor (MA, LPC, LPA, CNHT) who specializes in child/teen behavior problems andI know how to help you and your child.

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I am confident that we at Nurtured Heart Kids
can help return most children/teens
to the path of success very quickly! Your relationship
and your child's self-esteem can also be healed
through this easy to learn, 4-step process. 

Find out how
by clicking on one or more of the "Special Information" options.

Your child's success is waiting...

Let's get started!

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Nurtured Heart Kids, PLLC.
P.O. Box 248
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580-0248
Phone: 281-728-7181
Email: nurturedheartkids@yahoo.com

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