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About the Founder, NANCI R. AIKEN, Ph.D.

After reading my curriculum vitae (presented below), often people ask me what made me start a charter school!  The answer is that I’ve had a life long interest in education and the health of children. I have learned from the best:  (1) my parents, who were both physicians with a passion for nutrition, and (2) successfully raising five healthy children of my own.  During my childhood and early adult life, however, I also observed that most people do not practice healthy eating habits.  I also noted that, while changing dietary habits is beneficial to the body at any point in life, the ideal scenario is to instill good basic food and eating habits in children from birth.  With this goal in mind, I designed and developed the Nurtured Body Program.

I first applied the Nurtured Body Program (a method of educating families in optimal nutritional practices) to an academic setting in a private K-12 school that I founded in Socorro, NM, in 1980. Parents and staff were educated in good simple nutritional practices before the school year began, and were provided with suggestions and menus to help them make changes (if needed) in their family eating habits.  Nutrition at the school site was carefully controlled.  Children were not allowed to bring any candy or other highly processed foods to school, including those containing refined sugars or sugar substitutes.

In 1981, I also began a nutritional counseling practice in New Mexico, during which I collected further data on the effect of diet on health and well being as a result of changing eating habits.  These findings were presented at several national nutrition conferences.

In 1984 I returned to school to complete my doctorate in physiology and nutritional biochemistry.  After working in science for a number of years, including teaching and doing research, I discovered that huge numbers of children are currently on medication for behavior and learning problems. This finding fueled my resolve to return to my passion – working with families and nutrition to support positive behavior in children as an alternative to drugs.  As a result, I presented the Nurtured Body Program to Howard Glasser, Director of the Center for the Difficult Child in Tucson.  We added a family nutritional counseling component to the Center for the Difficult Child program for clients desiring to improve their basic nutrition and eating habits.  The Nurtured Body Program produced very positive effects on children’s behavior and health. 

At one of Mr. Glasser’s workshops on the difficult child that I was attending, a parent asked if there was a school where Glasser’s positive behavior modification program, the Nurtured Heart Approach, was used.  At that time, there was not such a school.  This very simple question sparked the idea of starting a charter school and hence the Children's Success Academy – a public charter school – was born. 

Children’s Success Academy opened in the fall of 2000, where positive behavior is supported through the Virtues Project and the Nurtured Heart Approach along with the Nurtured Body Program.  I have now been able to bring all the various skills that I have learned – as a mother, as a scientist, as a private school founder, and as a nutritional counselor – to my passion for education.  Providing a peaceful, positive and healthy environment for students is an exciting culmination of my life, and I am happy to be able to bring this dream to fruition.

I encourage and welcome your questions: childrenssuccess@qwestoffice.net

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B.Sc. in Microbiology

University of Maryland,

College Park, MD





M.Sc. in Chemistry (Biology)

New Mexico Inst. Mining & Tech.,

Socorro, NM





Ph.D. in Medical Sciences (Physiology)

University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, NM





Research Fellow in Radiology

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD







Founder, Executive Director

Children's Success Academy,  

925 E. Bilby Rd., Tucson, AZ 85706





Research Assistant Professor

School of Medicine

Dept. of Biochemistry, College of Medicine

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ





Research Associate and Lecturer

School of Medicine

Dept. of Biochemistry, College of Medicine  

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ





Faculty & Staff Campaign

Committee Member

University of Arizona Foundation , 

Tucson, AZ





Research Associate

Phospholipids in cancer

Fox Chase Cancer Center; Dept. of NMR & Medical

Spectroscopy;  Philadelphia,  PA





Post Doctoral Fellow

Single Neuron Imaging

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dept.

of Radiology, Div. of NMR, Baltimore, MD





Research Assistant and Lecturer        

School of Medicine

Chemistry Dept.; Physiology Dept.,  

School of Medicine,  Albuquerque, NM





Research Assistant

Red blood cell aging

Dept. of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, 

Albuquerque, NM





Teaching Assistant

Diabetes metabolism

Dept. of Biology

New Mexico Inst. Mining & Tech, Socorro, NM





Owner, Counselor

Nutritional counseling

Diet Center of Socorro;  Socorro, NM





Founder, Director and Teacher

Arcadian School (Grades K-12);  Socorro, NM





Research Assistant

Cell membrane transport

Nutritional Biochemistry

Dept. University of Maryland,  College Park, MD





Research Technician

 Malaria research

Immunoparasitology Laboratory, 

Navy Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, MD








Training Award, National Cancer Institute:  "Research Training in Oncology Imaging,"

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.




Post Doctoral Fellow Travel Award to 11th Annual Society for Magnetic Resonance in

Medicine Meetings (SMRM), Berlin, Germany.  Awarded by SMRM.




The Johns Hopkins-Weizmann Institute Cooperative Program.

Visiting Scientist Award for sabbatical to the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel.




Graduate Student Travel Award to 10th International Biophysics Congress,

Vancouver, B.C.  Awarded by International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics.



Elected to Sigma Alpha Omicron, Microbiology Honorary Society,

University of Maryland Chapter, College Park, MD.




International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

American Association for the Advancement of Science



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